PROFILE Sam Investment Group Co., Ltd., is a professional second level investment company wholly-funded by China Sam Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.. Founded in 1989, it has its headquarter in Xiamen City as the external investment platform of China Sam Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.. Currently, the investment fields mainly cover the production and processing of new chemical materials, clean energy development and utilization, petrochemical and natural gas extension industry, aviation industry cluster, etc. Adhering to the investment philosophy of "discovering value, improving value and realizing value", the company has always followed the modes of "group holding", "separate operation" and "centralized supervision", and constantly innovated the equity investment and business mode. The company has..
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    Adhering to the investment philosophy of “discovering value, promoting value, creating value and realizing value”, the Group has been innovating the models of equity investment and financing to realize a faithful cooperation and mutual benefit and win-win situation among investors.
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    (I) Investment, acquisition and listing of environmental, new energy and high-tech industries. (II) Technical development and utilization of various high technologies and new energies and materials. (III) Environmental protection, comprehensive soil control and development and utilization of environmental technologies.
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