PROFILE Founded in 1989, Sam Investment Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Sam Investment Group") is a investment platform of China Jing An Limited (hereinafter referred to as "China Jing An"). It is headquartered in Xiamen with a registered capital of 560 million yuan. Sam Investment Group is committed to cooperating with promising enterprises with long-term development potential but undervalued currently. It makes equity investment in high-growth enterprises, emerging industries, and overseas high-quality industries. In addition, it provides a series of value-added services such as investment management and consulting. The investment area covers energy and chemical industry, port warehousing, military technology, bio-medicine, etc.....
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    Sam Investment Group Co. , Ltd. always adheres to the investment philosophy of “Discovering value, improving value and realizing value”, and follows the pattern of “Group holding, separate operation and centralized supervision”, with “Pursuing excellence”as our unswerving goal, we will continue to innovate in equity investment and financing models, strengthen the organic i..
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    一、Investment Sector 二、Overseas investment 三、Industry Fund 四、International Trade
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